Think Spring!

It has been a snowy winter and we also have had to deal with more ice on the drives, sidewalks and roads than usually, but things are slowly starting to improve.  While the winter snow conditions gave us some of our best snowmobiling we’ve had in a long time the fact that the freeze on the lakes was slow going didn’t allow it to really kick in right away.  The February sun has definitely warmed things a bit and of course as we move towards March the thoughts of Spring and of course, the many projects start to come to mind.  Spring can be a

2020 Brainerd Jaycees Ice Fishing Extravaganza

     In the early 1990’s a core group of Brainerd Jaycee members came up with an idea to help raise money for the the Camp Confidence Learning Center and numerous other local charities as well as showcasing the Brainerd Lakes Area and of course, its great fishing!  What an idea it was and now 29 years later it has grown into the largest ice fishing tournament in the world and has world wide exposure on numerous networks, including the NBC Today Show.   Today the Ice Fishing extravaganza generates over $1 million in area revenue and raises over $150,000 for more than 45 local charities. 

Early Winter Snow and a Holiday Season Upon Us!!!

We certainly hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and that your planning for the Holiday Season is well under way.  We also hope that you are planning a fun winter getaway (perhaps even a New Year’s Getaway) with us and to the Brainerd Lakes Area.   Here at the resort we have had a little quiet time since the last weekend of October when we pretty much close until the start of our winter season on December 26.   A few of us were lucky to slip away for a bit of vacation during the fall.   John & Vicki made their annual trip to Sanibel Island, Florida

Celebrating Our 50th Year in 2019

Happy New Year!  As we kick off a new year in 2019 we are pretty excited at Kavanaugh’s Resort because we find ourselves entering our 50th year of operation!!  Of course the downside of 50 years here in the Brainerd Lakes area is that it means we are also getting old!!  When our parents, Sherm and Mae, bought the resort in 1969 I don’t know if anyone thought that we would still be going strong here 50 years later, or that the resort would still be operated by 4 of their sons.  It has been a lot of fun from those early days and our

Digging Out From Our December 27 Storm!

I had to take a moment to write what will be one of two blogs coming this week since this one involves us getting a wonderful 13“ Snowfall on December 27!  It has been a number of years since we last had holiday storm like this which is able to set us up for a great January of winter fun here in the Lakes Area!  Over the last few years we have battled lackluster snow and it seemed like people were not getting very excited about a winter getaways to our area (and of course, Kavanaugh’s).  We are hoping for a big change in that,

Winter Is Here!

Winter Is Upon Us—-We Hope! Well hopefully everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and your planning for the Holiday Season is well under way.  Here at the resort we have had a little quiet time since the last weekend of October when we pretty much close until the start of our winter season on December 26.   Some of us did slip away for a bit of R&R during the fall with John & Vicki taking their annual trip to Sanibel Island, Florida, and Tom & Jennie spending a week with Jennie’s sister and brother-in law in Branson, Missouri, and even Dave managed to get a South

The Motions of Fall……

This is the time of the year I wait for……. FALL is in the air!  We love fall at Kavanaugh’s Resort and it is a great time to visit the Brainerd Lakes Area, with festivals, crisp weather, great fall colors and so much more, and it’s a little bit quieter than usual.  Around the resort we stay very busy during the fall, of course we love having guests around, but all the while the activity is keeping us very busy.  When summer ends our staff numbers pretty much disappear and that means that John, Mark, Dave, Tom, Vicki, Brenda, and of course Bob are pretty

Great Treats and Eats Throughout the Lakes Area!

You’re on vacation so of course you are going to want to splurge a little and maybe enjoy some amazing treats, eat at some great restaurants or maybe enjoy one of our many craft beers in the area…..we do as well so we thought we might share a few favorites with you.  Great treats abound in the lakes area but a delightful favorite is to enjoy amazing sweets at the Iron Waffle Company (the strawberry pie is real winner), and it’s great for breakfast as well.  The Chocolate Ox candy company is always a great spot to pick up your favorites and it’s tough to

Summer Is Going Fast!!!

It seems like every year summer goes by just a little bit faster.  It has been such a busy summer so far at Kavanaugh’s Resort that we haven’t even been able to really share with you our new Blog, so it seems like the time has come to start sharing some fun stuff with everyone.  This past May we launched our new Kavanaugh’s Resort website and hope that you all are enjoying it.  We have brought a new and updated feel to it but at the same time have tried to keep the simple, easy to use site that we were replacing.  We also hope

Summer Fun!!

Summer is in full swing here at Kavanaugh’s Resort and the Brainerd Lakes Area.  After a lingering winter, summer stormed in and the weather here has been beautiful.  Now is the time to make your summer plans as we still have openings (see our “Specials” page) at different times in July and August!