We would like to share some updated information with regards to the changes brought on by Covid-19 and hope you are patient and understanding of these changes that we hope help make this a memorable and safe stay with us at Kavanaugh’s.


  1. The most important thing…. WELCOME TO KAVANAUGH’S and thank you. The Kavanaugh family is very pleased to be hosting you!  If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know.  Your assistance and patience in making all these changes work as efficiently and safely as possibly is very much appreciated.
  2. Regarding towel delivery: (Slight Change) Please make sure, if you need fresh towels or anything else, put the basket outside your door for pick-up by 1:30 pm (otherwise it will not be picked up). When the towels are brought back, they will be set outside of your door for your retrieval, so make sure to check.
  3. We are trying to limit numbers in the office so please do not enter as groups and try to maintain spacing from others. Come in through the “Enter” door and leave through “Exit” door
  4. We are trying to keep contact at check-out to a minimum so make sure we have your credit card on file for a simple check-out.
  5. Pool Area: Effective June 10, 2020 the pool and hot tub are open to 50% occupancy. Please adhere to social distance standards.
  6. All outdoor areas and items are available for use and will be sanitized at regular intervals.
  7. We have a sanitizer bottle at the basketball court. Please sanitize the basketballs after each use. Check out volleyballs, tennis rackets and pickle ball items available at the office. Tennis Balls are for sale at the office as well.
  8. We are placing an information board outside the office during the day so that it is easier to check out any information without coming into the office and, of course, will also have much of that information available for you if you, ask for it.
  9. We are unable at this time to let people tour any unoccupied rooms.
  10. We have changed many cleaning and safety protocols in your units and around the resort:
  • All pillows are being double pillow cased.
  • We have added a spray bottle of sanitizer in your unit for your use.
  • We are using a 3-step sanitizing process to clean you room as each crew does maintenance, cleaning, and final checks.
  • We are sanitizing all outdoor activity and play areas on a regular basis.
  • Your Dishwasher has been run with all silverware and dishware in it. We apologize for you having to unload the dishes but thought that is the best option
  • We have removed bedspreads from all bedding and are double sheeting with a blanket in between. (Your bed has been made)