Great Treats and Eats Throughout the Lakes Area!

You’re on vacation so of course you are going to want to splurge a little and maybe enjoy some amazing treats, eat at some great restaurants or maybe enjoy one of our many craft beers in the area…..we do as well so we thought we might share a few favorites with you.  Great treats abound in the lakes area but a delightful favorite is to enjoy amazing sweets at the Iron Waffle Company (the strawberry pie is real winner), and it’s great for breakfast as well.  The Chocolate Ox candy company is always a great spot to pick up your favorites and it’s tough to

Summer Is Going Fast!!!

It seems like every year summer goes by just a little bit faster.  It has been such a busy summer so far at Kavanaugh’s Resort that we haven’t even been able to really share with you our new Blog, so it seems like the time has come to start sharing some fun stuff with everyone.  This past May we launched our new Kavanaugh’s Resort website and hope that you all are enjoying it.  We have brought a new and updated feel to it but at the same time have tried to keep the simple, easy to use site that we were replacing.  We also hope