Digging Out From Our December 27 Storm!

I had to take a moment to write what will be one of two blogs coming this week since this one involves us getting a wonderful 13“ Snowfall on December 27!  It has been a number of years since we last had holiday storm like this which is able to set us up for a great January of winter fun here in the Lakes Area!  Over the last few years we have battled lackluster snow and it seemed like people were not getting very excited about a winter getaways to our area (and of course, Kavanaugh’s).  We are hoping for a big change in that,

Winter Is Here!

Winter Is Upon Us—-We Hope! Well hopefully everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and your planning for the Holiday Season is well under way.  Here at the resort we have had a little quiet time since the last weekend of October when we pretty much close until the start of our winter season on December 26.   Some of us did slip away for a bit of R&R during the fall with John & Vicki taking their annual trip to Sanibel Island, Florida, and Tom & Jennie spending a week with Jennie’s sister and brother-in law in Branson, Missouri, and even Dave managed to get a South